NHS dental portal

22 October 2012

The NHS Dental Portal is a free online service for NHS dentists, giving them 24/7 access to downloadable pay statements and reports, contractual information, progress reports for claims including rejected claims information and information on superannuation contributions.

NHS Dental Services will be writing to all providers and performers in November and December with details of how to activate their portal account. The portal rollout timetable shows the date that each provider and performer will receive their activation letter.

The functionality available to either a provider or performer (which is slightly different), will be clarified in the guidance/FAQs when the individual dentist uses the system for the first time.

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Fourth wheelchair dataset

27 September 2016

NHS England has published the fourth wheelchair services dataset, including data from April to June 2016. Due to a significant increase in submissions, now up to 90% of CCGs, NHS England is able to provide a more detailed picture of the services available across the country. The data shows that while 77% of children receive their chair within 18 weeks, a significant minority (23%) are still waiting more than 18 weeks. The quarter two data submission will be open for submissions from 3 to 17 October 2016.

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NICE emphasises the importance of urgent referral in suspected melanoma

27 September 2016

GPs should refer people with suspected malignant melanoma for an appointment within two weeks, says NICE in a new quality standard.

The new quality standard sets out the key areas where skin cancer services need to improve.

It recommends that GPs who remove low-risk basal cell carcinomas should maintain and audit records of their caseloads.

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Contracting for new care models

27 September 2016

Creative use of the contracting process is a critical factor in making new care models happen. In the spectrum of current English contracting structures spanning a loose federation, through alliance contracts to prime contractor or lead provider models we are seeing multispecialty community providers, primary and acute care systems and accountable care organisations develop.

Building on the success of previous innovative contracting events, PCC and Capsticks have again teamed up to share current good practice with commissioners and providers. The event uses case studies to allow delegates to explore how learning from other parts of the country can be reapplied to their local aspirations.

The event will be held on 23 November in London, 25 January 2017 in Leeds and 22 March 2017 in Birmingham.

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Is it still worth funding vanguards?

27 September 2016

A greater proportion of STP funding is going on sustainability than transformation as the crisis facing hospitals is deeper than anyone envisaged when the Five Year Forward View was written. Vanguards now have only a third of the funding they asked for to complete local transformation programmes. Is a third of the money worse than nothing? Should we just pull the plug altogether? Vote on this week’s NHS Networks poll at www.networks.nhs.uk

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King’s Fund reviews plans for digital NHS

26 September 2016

In recent years, the digital agenda in health care has been the subject of an array of promises and plans, ranging from the secretary of state’s challenge to the NHS to “go paperless” to the commitment set out in the NHS’s Five Year Forward View to “harness the information revolution”. But have expectations been set too high? And is there sufficient clarity about the funding available to achieve this vision? This report looks at the key commitments made and what we know about progress to date.

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