NHS dental portal

22 October 2012

The NHS Dental Portal is a free online service for NHS dentists, giving them 24/7 access to downloadable pay statements and reports, contractual information, progress reports for claims including rejected claims information and information on superannuation contributions.

NHS Dental Services will be writing to all providers and performers in November and December with details of how to activate their portal account. The portal rollout timetable shows the date that each provider and performer will receive their activation letter.

The functionality available to either a provider or performer (which is slightly different), will be clarified in the guidance/FAQs when the individual dentist uses the system for the first time.

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Careless eating costs lives

17 October 2014

This report argues for a five to ten-year cross-sector strategy to be put in place in order to tackle the obesity crisis. Covering both education and regulation, the report proposes measures to halt the progress of obesity and reverse the drastic effects of overweight on individual health, employment, social care and the wider economy.

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Improving the delivery of adult diabetes care through integration

17 October 2014

This report explains how diabetes care can be improved to achieve better outcomes for people with diabetes. The report sets out the challenges for commissioners and healthcare providers.

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Results of specialist palliative care workforce survey

17 October 2014

The National Council for Palliative Care (NCPC) has published their latest specialist palliative care (SPC) workforce survey 2013.

The survey provides the only comprehensive overview of the specialist palliative care workforce covering both the NHS and voluntary sector. This is a valuable resource for planners, commissioners and providers to identify gaps and priorities for their local workforce planning and development.

This report identifies some of the key findings from the 2013 collection results and highlights some of the trends since 2005. The report has been supported by the National End of Life Care Intelligence Network, part of Public Health England.

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Preventing type 2 diabetes: population and community-level interventions

17 October 2014

NICE has published the latest evidence update for preventing type 2 diabetes.

The new evidence update focuses on a summary of selected new evidence relevant to NICE public health guidance PH35 ‘Preventing type 2 diabetes: population and community-level interventions’ 2011.

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E-learning: Project management

16 October 2014

Good project management is essential for all projects, from a large-scale building project to developing a receptionist training programme. It helps make the most of resources available and can prevent expensive mistakes further down the line.

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