NHS dental portal

22 October 2012

The NHS Dental Portal is a free online service for NHS dentists, giving them 24/7 access to downloadable pay statements and reports, contractual information, progress reports for claims including rejected claims information and information on superannuation contributions.

NHS Dental Services will be writing to all providers and performers in November and December with details of how to activate their portal account. The portal rollout timetable shows the date that each provider and performer will receive their activation letter.

The functionality available to either a provider or performer (which is slightly different), will be clarified in the guidance/FAQs when the individual dentist uses the system for the first time.

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Taking the mystery out of media relations

8 October 2015

For all organisations, being able to explain clearly what you do and why you do it is vital, and that means working with the media.

This workshop explains in a day how to do it. We demystify communications and media relations, address common misconceptions, explain how journalists work and how you can work with them to get your messages across.

You will get a mixture of practical advice and engaging workshop sessions to allow you to practice what you’ve learnt including how to make your organisation “the story” on your terms. Whether you are trying to spread good news or manage bad news, our expert facilitators can help you understand what to do and how to avoid common mistakes.

Yorkshire GP federation member Dr John Crompton, who attended the event in Leeds recently, called it “a very valuable and well-structured day with good speakers with personal knowledge and ‘real’ backgrounds”. There are still a few places remaining for the next event on 4 November in London.

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New care models – learning from the leaders

8 October 2015

The new models of care being tested out offer general practice the chance to “step up to the plate and lead their local health economy”, one vanguard leader told a PCC event this week.

Dr Naresh Rati, is executive partner with the Modality Partnership in the west Midlands, a multispecialty community provider (MCP) in the vanguard programme.

He outlined how his super-partnership had developed from the initial merger of two practices and already delivered primary care services from 15 sites. With vanguard status, the organisation is now adding community services to the range of services it provides.

Dr Rati emphasised the work Modality had done on access and IT and how this had both improved the patient experience and allowed for wider innovation.

Dr Jonathan Gregson, chair of Primary Care Cheshire, a 34 practice federation which is part of the West Cheshire Way MCP, spoke about developing a “social movement” based around patient advocates and integrated teams.

The event featured presentations from several other integrated providers and federations as well as updates from NHS England leaders. It will be repeated in London on 20 October. A few places remain – book now to avoid disappointment.

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Prescription direction update: patient choice poster

8 October 2015

NHS England has written to all general practices and pharmacies to ask for their help in ensuring that all patients are aware of their right to choose freely where they have their medicines dispensed.

A poster which sets out this right has been produced and pharmacies are asked to display this prominently and as close as practicable to the location where patients receive prescriptions. The poster is available to all pharmacies.

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GMS statement of financial entitlements – amended directions

8 October 2015

The Department of Health has published the General Medical Services Statement of Financial Entitlements (Amendment No.3) Directions 2015. The document sets out amendments to the GMS contract for GPs from 1 October 2015 affecting global sum, dispensing and seniority payments.

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Dental prototype agreements: directions and patient information

7 October 2015

From autumn 2015 up to 100 selected practices will be participating in the dental prototype agreement scheme, which will continue to test new ways of providing NHS dental care with an increased emphasis on preventing future dental disease. The supporting documents include: prototype agreement directions, financial entitlements and patient information.

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