Reversing the tide of the UK tuberculosis epidemic

21 October 2013

A primary-care based screening programme could help tackle TB in the UK according to a comment from Public Health England (PHE) published in The Lancet.

London has the highest rate of TB of any western European capital and the UK will have more TB cases than the USA within two years, if current trends continue.

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2015/16 summary of changes to QOF

24 October 2014

NHS Employers has published a detailed summary of the changes to QOF indicators for 2015/16. This document is available to download from their website.

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Specialists in out-of-hospital settings

23 October 2014

Specialist knowledge is too concentrated in hospitals to the detriment of patients, whose increasingly complex needs should be treated closer to home, the Kings Fund new report finds.

The King’s Fund visited six services where consultants are delivering or facilitating care outside hospital. This report presents the findings as case studies. It identifies key characteristics and challenges to this way of working and seeks out evidence of the benefits to patients and the NHS more broadly.

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Quality standard on transient loss of consciousness

23 October 2014

NICE has published a new quality standard on transient loss of consciousness, which includes six statements to help ensure high quality care. The first statement stresses that if a person has had a suspected blackout, a detailed history and information about the event should be recorded as soon as possible.

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Top ten respiratory commissioning tips

23 October 2014

New practical guidance from the multi-disciplinary London Respiratory Network that includes representation from local government and clinical commissioning as well clinicians from general practice, community and hospital, and third sector colleagues from Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation.

Our focus is on how to commission for high value and includes guidance set in the framework of the respiratory programme budget. It includes stop smoking as treatment, bed day use, the National Review of Asthma Deaths recommendations, optimising use of pulmonary rehabilitation and long term oxygen therapy, use of CQUINs for stop smoking and another for enhanced recovery across inpatient wards, responsible respiratory prescribing (the top five drug costs in terms of total spend to the NHS are all respiratory inhalers) and coordination of care for people with advanced lung disease.

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NHS leaders set out vision for healthcare in England

23 October 2014

THE NHS is at a crossroads and needs to change.

That is the message from NHS England’s chief executive Simon Stevens, who has launched a five-year “forward view” for the NHS.

The document outlines a vision of an NHS that can deliver better care and a better experience for patients while meeting the ongoing financial challenge.

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