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Latest News

PCC contract holders benefit from networking opportunities

PCC annual contract holders have unlimited access to networking opportunities with colleagues working across the country.  This short presentation gives a flavour of discussions that have taken place recently at our primary care medical, primary care network, premises, dental and eye care sessions.

Top tips for running your virtual meeting

Covid-19 has forced all of us to work differently in one way or another. We are using virtual platforms more than before and many meetings and workshops are now being managed in this way. PCC is now using this technology for our events and workshops. We have collated our top tips on running virtual meetings to share our learning.

Community pharmacy integral to PCNs

This article by Julia Sutton-McGough reflects on previous work with community pharmacy leaders who described different experiences when trying to join PCN discussions. A key finding being that it was important for community pharmacy to work through their role prior to engaging with the PCN.

Primary care network support

“We simply couldn’t believe the results”

Dawn, PCN project manager

Find out how we support primary care networks, including how our services map onto the five domains of the maturity matrix

Events and Workshops

SocialPrescriberPlus  – essential training for social prescribing link workers, care coordinators and health coaches

With the additional roles reimbursement scheme now supporting social prescribing link workers, care coordinators and health coaches, practically focused training is essential for these posts to provide effective and efficient support to practices.  This online training delivered via the Zoom meeting platform, runs across three half day modules, with the first two modules taking place in the same week and the third module taking place after the social prescriber has gained experience in the role.

Managing high performing virtual teams

The role of the manager has changed dramatically across the NHS, with over 55% of workers now  working from home. This rapid change in teamworking dynamics is presenting managers with new challenges.  This workshop utilises the benefits offered from recent neuroscience research into individual’s psychological safety needs to create an innovative and practical approach for managing virtual teams effectively and efficiently.   

Primary medical contracting – an introduction to the medical contracts

Essential knowledge for commissioners of GMS, PMS or APMS, particularly those new to their roles or those looking for a refresh.  Over three interactive virtual sessions this course introduces commissioners to the primary care medical contracts, including: the regulatory frameworks, funding, services, boundaries and patient list issues.

Sustainable commissioning in the real world

This online programme explores what is meant by sustainable commissioning, key need/demand issues in different services using real-life examples, and will identify delegates’ own commissioning challenges. How to enhance sustainability is explored and some leadership tools are considered to provide practical ways in which commissioners can contribute to sustainable provision and commissioning of services.

Coaching support

“The coaching gave me the confidence to know that I am driving the practice in the right direction”

Practice manager, Norfolk

Read about our leadership support and executive coaching support

Our Support

NHS England North West recovery cell

PCC facilitated the NHS England and Improvement North West Primary Care senior leadership team to coordinate COVID-19 recovery planning. The primary care leads discussed their individual prioritisation plans for recovery and considered how they fitted into current ICS/STP, regional and national frameworks. The meeting enabled the group to recognise and understand more about the way in which risks across contractor groups were interdependent.

Alliance confident leaders programme

PCC’s Helen Ellis worked with Liverpool Networks Alliance to convert some of their face-to-face confident programme into online facilitated development sessions. A recent session focussed on the personal and organisational learning from their leadership experience of the recent weeks of COVID-19. A survey was used in advance and the responses were a basis for discussions asking the group to reflect on the rapid changes they’ve made and what to keep in the future.

Managing and leading in the 21st century

Pre-COVID only 5-8% of workers worked consistently from home. This figure has grown to 55% as workers are exercising “choice” of how they prefer to work most effectively. Leadership has demonstrated a paradigm shift. Leaders and managers need to rapidly increase their capabilities and confidence to ensure there is clarity of purpose and priority and to motivate individuals to work collaboratively to deliver a shared goal. Communicating candidly and clearly will be pivotal. This article by Colin Murray explores these changes. 

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