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A year like no other

On 5 July 1948 the NHS was born, over the last 72 years challenges and changes have been remarkable but the service has probably never been tested as much as in the last nine months. There have previously been numerous re-organisations, multiple changes to hospitals, mental health services and a shift from the family doctor towards more integrated primary care services delivered by a range of professionals. However rapid transformation of services to embrace digital technologies, and a shift change to work differently has been forced upon all areas of the health service this year.

Despite tremendous pressure on all parts of the healthcare system the service has coped with the initial pressures of the Coronavirus pandemic, and now has the challenge of trying to continue “business as usual” while still being battered by a new wave of the virus.

PCC would like to thank all those working in the NHS and care services for all they have done in the last year. We truly hope that the new year brings some relief from the pandemic and allows all NHS and care staff to get some respite and take a break. Look after yourselves, keep safe and have a good Christmas break.

Since March, PCC has changed how we work in response to COVID, all our events and workshops are now virtual, our helpdesk for our annual contract clients has become busier than ever, with CCGs valuing the quality and use of the responses and we have worked with our clients providing off site capacity where their staff have been directed to other duties, to name a few areas. We are proud of our flexible, expert support, and proud of supporting the NHS during the last year, albeit in a small way, and we look forward to continuing to work with you all in the coming year.