Annual contracts

For over a decade PCC has provided support to the NHS by helping organisations to improve services with the emphasis on quality of care and value for money. Many of our clients re-subscribe year on year to our service through an annual contract.

We continually listen to our clients to understand their support needs and have produced two annual contracts to our clients, which are a cost effective way of purchasing our support, these are:

  • Subscription contracts
  • Credits contracts.

Our subscription offers contain the following components:

  • Local workshops
  • Event and face-to-face network places
  • E-learning
  • Unlimited access to our quality assured helpdesk
  • Unlimited access to our surgery sessions run by our team of experts and webinars

Our credits contracts offer a flexible approach to delivering your support requirements. Credit contract holders can choose to buy components from the subscription offer.

Local workshop

We have developed a comprehensive list of workshops for our subscription contract holders to consider, which covers:

Dental services
Eye health services
Medical services
Pharmaceutical services
Personal and team development

If you have specific support requirements that aren’t currently included in our workshop offers we may be able develop and deliver that workshop for you. We are continually reviewing the content of our workshops as well as developing new ones.

Event and face-to-face network places

We run a number of events each year. We evaluate our delivery and continually make improvements to the session we deliver to ensure delegates get a good experience when receiving our support. An annual contract gives clients discounted events places.

To find out more about our events go to our events calendar where we are continually adding new sessions.


We include e-learning in our subscription offer because it’s a great way to learn at a time and pace that suits each individual. Our e-learning courses enable you to develop the knowledge and skills you need to be better at your job.

Unlimited access to our quality assured helpdesk

Unlimited access to our helpdesk is only available to annual contract holders. Through our helpdesk we provide quality assured answers within three working days of receipt but often answers are provided much sooner. Our helpdesk support covers primary care contracting/commissioning, finance and premises.

Our team of in-house experts manage our helpdesks. This slide share provides details of frequently asked questions we have received and answers we have provided.

Surgery sessions and webinars

Annual contract holders have unlimited access to surgery sessions which give you access to colleagues working across the country. We are currently running surgery sessions for dental services, eye care services, medical services, PCNs and premises. These networking opportunities, led by our expert advisers, are delivered via Microsoft Teams and give our contract holders an opportunity to raise and discuss their current issues and concerns, as well as sharing what’s working well.

Our surgery sessions and webinars are detailed in our national events calendar.

CCGs can choose to allow their practices and PCNs to access support from PCC using their contract.

If you would like to know more about our annual contracts or other support we could deliver please contact

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