Disability Discrimination Act - A Resource Kit

9 April 2005

This DDA Resource Kit is made up of relevant material gained from a literature search and various documents. It includes some suggested tools that might inform process stages of requests from patients/carers for auxiliary aids.

This Resource Kit material is being made available as a resource on DDA but is not presented as a DH or PCC document.

The material is available for PCTs and pharmacy contractors to draw down for their own information.

It should be noted that although the assessment tools have been road-tested, they have not been validated.

PCTs and contractors are free to use and, if required, amend the model assessment forms included here for local purposes to support the implementation of the service.


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GPs urged to make most of cancer screening dashboard

22 June 2018

GPs and health organisations are being urged to help to improve rates of potentially lifesaving cervical screening by making the most of an online data tool.

The tool provides in-depth information on screening levels and shows where they could be improved. It was launched a year ago by NHS Digital, Public Health England (PHE) and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.

CCGs, GP practices and local authorities can look up their data to see where to focus work on improving access to screening.

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Reducing emergency admissions

22 June 2018

A parliamentary report warns that hospitals, GPs, community services and social care need to work together more effectively to prevent emergency admissions to hospitals. It concludes that NHS England needs to deliver on its five-year plan to move care into the community and out of hospitals.

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Five components of value-based approaches to health and care

22 June 2018

A paper from NHS Confederation explores how the adoption of value-based health care could be spread across all parts of the system, maximising the benefits for those who use NHS and wider services. It also explores the central challenge of how value-based health care is embedded across the whole system.

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Childhood cancer survival

22 June 2018

The Office for National Statistics has published data on cancer survival in England for specific cancer sites by age, sex and stage at diagnosis.

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2017 adult inpatient survey

21 June 2018

Results from the 2017 inpatient survey, compared with results from surveys dating back to 2009, show gradual improvements in a number of areas. This includes patients’ perceptions of the quality of communication between themselves and medical professionals; the quality of information about operations or procedures; privacy when discussing their condition; quality of food; and cleanliness of their room or ward. The results also indicate that responses to some questions are less positive or have not improved over time. This includes patients’ perceptions of noise at night from other patients; emotional support from staff during their hospital stay; information on new medications prescribed while in hospital; and the quality of preparation and information for leaving hospital.

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