Enabling providers to develop new care models

9 October 2017

Commissioners will play an important role in empowering providers to work together to establish  the collaborations that may evolve to become the accountable care systems of the future. As delegates at a recent PCC event on contracting for new care models heard, commissioners need to work with providers, particularly GPs, to enable them to choose the contractual and organisational forms that are right for them as well as for the local population. Our advisers are working with CCGs not only to help them to understand the different options in the new ACO contract but on the detailed financing issues likely to impact local decisions.  For example we worked with one CCG to identify GP practice income and expenditure streams. This will help the CCG establish what funding is available to establish a salary range for GPs who opt to move from GMS/PMS contracts to salaried working for the planned multispecialty community provider (MCP).

Find out more about this and other contracting issues in these four articles.

Getting GPs on board remains a big issue for accountable care organisations

NHS England’s proposed contractual approaches for accountable care models

Commissioners must drive but leave providers to steer new care models

Accountable care organisations need support to get GPs’ pay right

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Flu guidance for general practice

15 November 2018

NHS England has written to GP practices to highlight the support in place to manage this year’s phased delivery of the adjuvanted trivalent vaccine (aTIV) for flu which is recommended for people over 65.

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GMC consultation on consent guidance

14 November 2018

The General Medical Council (GMC) is seeking views on its updated guidance document “Decision making and consent: Supporting patient choices about health care”.

Details of the consultation and how to respond can be found on the GMC website. The consultation closes on 19 January 2019.

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Urinary tract infection: diagnostic tools for primary care

14 November 2018

Public Health England has published reference materials for primary care on diagnosing and understanding culture results for urinary tract infections (UTI).

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Improving access and continuity in general practice

14 November 2018

A report by the Nuffield Trust sets out the evidence on continuity of care, its impact on clinical outcomes and wider health services, its importance to patients and GPs, and the relationship between improved access initiatives and continuity of care within general practice. The report aims to help providers, commissioners and policy-makers maximise the opportunities to improve continuity provided by the additional investment in primary care to support improved access. It examines how to achieve the optimal balance between these two dimensions of care when redesigning services for local populations.

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Digital maturity of maternity services

14 November 2018

NHS England has published a “digital maturity assessment” of maternity services across England, described as a baseline for improvement at both a national and local level.

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