New governors join PCC board

20 November 2015
Peter Colclough and Phil Yates are the most recent additions to the PCC governing body. Peter Colclough had a 37-year career in the NHS, serving as CEO for organisations as diverse as PCTs and acute trusts and leading the development of integrated services in Torbay. He is now a consultant and an associate of the King’s Fund.
Phil Yates is chair of GP Care, a GP federation set up in 2006. He is also chair of the recently formed National Association of Provider Organisations (NAPO).
Helen Northall, chief executive of PCC, said: “I’m delighted to welcome Peter and Phil to the governing body, where we will get the benefit of their vast and varied experience.
“PCC’s roots are in primary care, but the challenge is now how primary care can work at scale and together with other stakeholders to address the workforce, financial and health challenges we face.
“We always try to ensure that the governing body reflects the interests of our growing customer base and brings fresh insights to the development of the business.”
PCC’s governors, chaired by Professor David Colin-Thomé, advise on the company’s strategy and hold the directors to account both for its financial performance and compliance with its social mission. PCC is a not-for-profit organisation.


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Primary care estates management is a complex and often misunderstood area which requires knowledge and experience. As commissioners develop this key role, NHS England and NHS Improvement have commissioned PCC to deliver a series of training events to primary care commissioners responsible for GP premises matters.  Following the successful delivery of module one in summer 2018, these events provide context and information relating to strategic planning of estates, and offer an overview, tools and guidance to inform commissioners about the process.

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Now that the 15 May network agreement deadline has passed, CCGs will now be busily trying to ensure 100% patient coverage within PCNs. If you are still unsure what PCNs need to do now, listen to our 10-minute podcast.
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The 15 May submission date for primary care network submissions has come and gone. PCC adviser and former practice business manager Tracy Green talks to Julian Patterson about where we are - and what comes next.

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Develop the leadership skills to make primary care networks happen

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Newly appointed clinical directors face a daunting task. While new network funding makes provision for their own roles, they will need to build support in their own teams and in partner organisations if primary care networks are to deliver on their promise of better integrated local care services. Understanding how to manage change, facilitate productive meetings, resolve conflict, and develop effective engagement strategies with local communities will be key determinant of success. PCC’s Confident Leader applied learning programme can help you develop these skills in small groups with your peers, supported by qualified coaches and topic experts. Find out more by emailing enquiries@pcc–

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Update to mandatory network agreement – network contract DES (May 2019)

17 May 2019

NHS England has made minor corrections to the mandatory network agreement required for delivery of the network contract directed enhanced service (DES).

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