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20 November 2018


PCC offers a number of opportunities for primary care providers to access our services. We have a general medical provider subscription package and also offer subscriptions to groups of practices working together.

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Online access to the CCG improvement and assessment framework

14 December 2018

The improvement and assessment framework is designed to measure and stimulate improvement in priority areas. NHS England policy leads have set out how they are using their indicator data, what it shows and how they are supporting CCGs and their system partners to make improvements to services and health outcomes for their local populations.

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Independent breast screening review

14 December 2018

The government has published the findings of the independent breast screening review, established to look into the failings in the breast screening programme in England.

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General practice indicators data update

13 December 2018

NHS England has updated eight of its general practice indicators. These are for cervical screening (to Q2 2017/18), prescribing (all indicators to Q4 2017/18) and patient list size data (to July 2018). The data also shows where practices have changed category as a result of the updates.

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CCGs quizzed on IT

12 December 2018

NHS England has produced digital maturity assessment criteria as part of the GP IT operating framework. They are designed to measure the state of IT across general practices in England.

NHS England says the information will help CCGs to support GP IT services, including local investment decisions and also the development of local digital roadmaps.

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GPs fighting public health challenges are supported by ‘wider healthcare workforce’

11 December 2018

A report by the Professional Standards Authority and the Royal Society for Public Health discusses the contribution made to public health by the accredited registers workforce and its potential to support the primary care workforce.

Accredited registers is a programme overseen by the Professional Standards Authority covering 86,000 practitioners in occupations which are not regulated by law, providing the public and professionals with a level of assurance not available otherwise.

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