Primary Care Commissioning Development events go live

21 April 2015

Effective commissioning of primary care services is a key requirement of the Five Year Forward View, as primary care is at the heart of plans to provide the integrated services that people need.

PCC’s Primary Care Commissioning Development programme provides the regulatory context, technical detail, knowledge and expertise that commissioners need to make confident well-informed decisions.

At the centre of the programme is a series of workshops covering the main contractor groups and the critical finance, premises and procurement levers available to commissioners.

These events are for primary care teams in NHS England regions, including CCGs who have assumed delegated responsibility for primary care and those working towards this goal who need to start developing their own capability. They are free to attend for existing subscribers.

Each workshop runs several times a year in each part of the country. The following are live and booking now. Further events are in preparation and will go live soon. See our website for dates and venues to suit you.

28 April Influencing skills, Leeds
29 April Procurement workshop, Leeds
12 May Effective negotiation: tapping your natural resources, London
20 May Making sense of outcomes-based commissioning, Leeds
3 June Processing applications for inclusion in a pharmaceutical list, Leeds
4 June Influencing skills, London
10 June The leader as coach - building stronger teams, Manchester
11 June Making sense of outcomes-based commissioning, London
16 June Eye health contracting essentials,London
17 June The leader as coach - building stronger teams, London
17 June Rurality and dispensing by doctors, Leeds
18 June Dental contracting essentials North, Manchester
23 June Primary medical contracting essentials, Leeds
1 July Working with patients and communities - the key to improving services, Birmingham
7 July Determining applications, Leeds
8 July Making sense of outcomes-based commissioning, Birmingham
14 July Effective negotiation: tapping your natural resources, Leeds
11 August Primary medical contracting essentials, London
8 September Primary medical contracting essentials, Birmingham
9 September Processing applications for inclusion in a pharmaceutical list, London 
17 September Dental contracting essentials Mids,Birmingham
29 September Eye health contracting essentials South,Reading 
30 September Determining applications, London 
1 October Working with patients and communities - the key to improving services, London 
6 October Making sense of outcomes-based commissioning, Bristol 
20 October Making sense of outcomes-based commissioning, Leeds
21 October Rurality and dispensing by doctors, London
15 December Eye health contracting essentials North, Leeds
12 January Dental contracting essentials, London
17 March Eye health contracting essentials Mids, Birmingham
22 March Dental contracting essentials South, Reading

See the PCC website for further details of the Primary Care Commissioning Development programme, which includes access to our expert adviser team and online helpdesk. The programme is free to subscribing area teams and open to CCGs either as part of existing credit packages or as a subscriber service.  Individual events are also available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

For further information contact (north, midland and east) or (London and south).


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