Primary care network development

20 November 2018

Primary care networks are at the heart of efforts to strengthen the foundations of primary care and build stronger links with other local services.

PCC facilitated a network meeting in Doncaster that brought together representatives from general practice, community services, the voluntary sector, the health and wellbeing board, social care, public health, housing and education.

“These events are key to moving forward with change, which is paramount in order to provide our community with the best services available,” said Rebecca Rosbolton, social worker, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council after the event.
“I felt reassured that our area is taking integration seriously and are making steps to improve integrated working for the benefit of our patients/service users,” said another participant, Dr A Khan, GP, The Medical Centre.

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Latest News

PCNs make resilient practices more important than ever

17 July 2019

Bringing practices together in primary care networks will not solve the problem of struggling practices. Although PCNs may increase resilience of individual practices in time, it is essential that all practices are sustainable now to enable strong PCN foundations to be developed. We can help with targeted support to get individual practices on the road to recovery. We have worked with a number of and most recently helped a practice successfully to emerge from special measures. Contact to find out more.

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Federations could be make or break for PCNs

16 July 2019

GP federations could play a vital role in making primary care networks successful by providing some of the services PCNs may struggle to provide for themselves. The £45,000 a year available in the contract to run each network is unlikely to be enough to cover the range of skills and demands the PCN will put on its member practices. Providing HR, finance, governance and operational management at federation level could relieve PCNs of the burden of running the operational aspects of the network. Federations, whose purpose was called into question by many when PCNs were launched, need to find a way to work with PCNs as a matter of survival. ICS leaders also have a strong incentive to ensure that PCNs are viable as the success of the wider system will rest on strong neighbourhood organisations. Federations are one potential answer, but are they up to it? And are they big enough or do they need to work together? These are some of the questions addressed by a recent PCC workshop for federations in the north of England. Talk to us if you would like us to run a similar event in your area – contact

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Partnership agreements, mergers and premises: Avoiding disputes for GP practices

11 July 2019

Whether practices are working at scale or simply keen to avoid messy disputes, a partnership agreement can provide essential protection. A partnership agreement – sometimes called a partnership deed – can clarify the rights and responsibilities of the individual partners and reduce the risk of distress or disruption to the business when circumstances change. Yet most GP practices in England currently do not have a deed in place, but will need to fall back on antiquated legislation – the Partnership Act of 1890. At this event on 24 September in Nottingham and 30 October in London, Daniel Kirk and Puja Solanki, healthcare specialist lawyers with Capsticks, explain why every practice should have a partnership deed, the options available and what protection they provide.

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Better communication generates better outcomes

11 July 2019

Improving patients’ experience of the NHS will result not just in “happier customers” but healthier ones. PCC has developed a series of half-day courses which reflect the contribution reception staff can make in delivering several of the ten high impact actions (HIAs) set out in the GP Forward View (GPFV). Better communication generates better outcomes is one of our workshops that can help practices to develop their teams (HIA number four) and make changes to improve job satisfaction and patients’ experience. This workshop is one of several in our practice team development programme. Other workshops in the series cover smarter working, care navigation, active signposting and social prescribing and better conversations in practice. For more information or to enquire about a workshop or programme for your practice(s) please contact us on

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What does population health management have to do with PCNs?

11 July 2019

You might think that population health is what general practice and primary care networks are all about, but the term population health management has a specific meaning. It is about using all the data about the health of a population to anticipate health trends not just to plan treatment but to put in place measures to prevent illness. While it’s early days for PCNs, taking this holistic view of the health of their populations and adopting measures to improve local health outcomes will be one of the vital roles they play in future.

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