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CCGs benefit from PCC support

For over a decade PCC has provided support to the NHS by helping organisations improve services with the emphasis on quality of care and value for money.

Many of our clients re-subscribe year on year to our service through annual contracts that provide the most cost effective way of purchasing our support including:

  • Local workshops
  • Event and face-to-face network places
  • E-learning
  • Unlimited access to our quality assured helpdesk
  • Unlimited access to our surgery sessions run by our team of experts and webinars

We respond to over 700 technical primary care related queries every year using our expert helpdesk, and it saves commissioners time and potentially legal costs. Local workshops and event places can be shared with your PCNs, practices and other providers in your area ensuring you can support not only your own staff but your primary care providers too.

Client feedback includes:

“we have used the help desk more of late, especially contracting colleagues. The quality of the responses have been very useful and as such has given us greater confidence in continuing to subscribe to PCC for this type of support, so thank I would like to personally say thank you for the effort that has been made and I look forward to continuing to work with you and your colleagues over the coming year”

“can I thank both you and the team at PCC for the help and guidance given in helping us to utilise our contract allocation for 2019/20, especially at the latter end of the contract and in such a short timeframe and all the while ensuring we got value for money and for the support provided by your facilitators and tutors during the planning of and the running of our recent bespoke webinars, which made the process for us less demanding and saved us a lot of time”

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