Project and programme management support

PCC supports programmes and projects across the NHS.

Some examples of our work include:

  • Hands-on support to develop networks, federations and new models of care
  • Trouble-shooting where federations haven’t yet found traction
  • Undertaking PMS reviews
  • Managing practice mergers
  • Supporting vulnerable practices to recover and plan for the future
  • Procuring an APMS provider to provide GP services for a new practice
  • Helping draft a tender response to provide primary medical services on behalf of a provider
  • Supporting development of primary care strategies for commissioners and groups of providers
  • Supporting reviews of locally commissioned services and developing action plans for future investment
  • Reviewing and developing equality impact assessment processes
  • Reviewing primary care contracts to ensure they are up to date and complete
  • Supporting GP premises reviews.

This list is not exhaustive, so if you need project management or consultancy support, or are struggling for capacity and need additional resources, please contact us for a discussion to see if we can help. For further information contact Mark Beesley at or 07920 500135.