Contract review

Vital contract health checks for CCGs with delegated responsibility
With the shift of primary medical care contracting and commissioning responsibilities under co-commissioning, many CCGs have taken on the responsibility for management of their primary medical services (GMS, PMS, APMS) contracts from NHS England.
In some areas, NHS England is continuing to provide contracting support and advice, providing local and technical knowledge, however this support is understandably limited and with the shift in NHS England’s own functions and responsibilities, is wholly dependent on the capacity of regional teams.
Do you understand the detail of the different contracts you have inherited?  Did you review the contracts as they transferred across? Are they up to date and in line with changes in regulation and practice? What are the risks if they aren't or if you’re not sure?
Responsibility for the ongoing management of these contracts now lies with the 68 CCGs who have been awarded full delegation. Other CCGs are moving rapidly towards delegated responsibility via joint arrangements.
Given the focus on primary medical care within the wider policy drivers for change, it is important to ensure that you understand your contracting baseline and are sufficiently knowledgeable to be able to effect change.
PCC has provided primary medical contracting and commissioning support to DH, PCTs and latterly NHS England and, having written many of the primary medical care policies currently in use, we are uniquely placed to help to support contract transfer and provide you with the necessary assurance.  We can identify, through a 'health check' review, where contracts are at risk, identify what needs to be done to remove the identified risks and where required, provide on-the-ground support to make the necessary changes, liaising with local contract holders and other stakeholders as required
We are also able to provide ongoing support and advice, through our local expert advisers and through our long-standing contracts help desk.
CCG clients with primary care commissioning development support packages can already access workshops that give you the relevant detail, helpdesk and named adviser support and should contact their PCC account manager for more information.
CCGs who would like to discuss how we can support you to review your contracts, provide ongoing advice, or who would like to discuss how PCC can support you in any other area, should contact Mark Beesley at or on 07920 500135.