Building resilience for professional success

Resilience is our ability to overcome life’s challenges and manage change. This emotional intelligence is essential when navigating your career, which will inevitably face uncertainty and setbacks.

Planning ahead for uncertain times can ensure your career stays on track and you retain an effective balance between life and work even in the most stressful times. This e-learning course will help you build higher levels of resilience so you can better deal with difficulties and obstacles. It will also help you cope well in the face of change, making you more likely to succeed and progress at work. You will learn not only to harness the skills and attributes you have, but also to develop those that you don’t possess.

This course enables you to:

  • Remain resilient throughout the emotional cycle of change
  • Increase your emotional intelligence and manage stress
  • Manage your career path in the modern world
  • Create an effective work life balance.

This course is designed to appeal to all professionals working at any level.

Learning outcomes

Establishing resilience

  • Why is resilience important?
  • How do I develop resilience?
  • What should I do when things go wrong?
  • How do I bounce back from difficult times?

Managing change

  • What is the emotional cycle of change?
  • How can I effectively manage people through change?
  • Why can it be so difficult to change habits?
  • How can managing change help us to build resilience?
  • How can I be an agent of change?

Emotional intelligence

  • What are the benefits of emotional intelligence?
  • What is the model for emotional intelligence?
  • How can I increase my self-perception?
  • How can I improve my self-expression?
  • How do I improve my interpersonal skills?
  • What can I do to manage stress?
  • What can I do to improve my decision making?

Resilience and your career

  • What is different about careers today?
  • What skills and behaviours do I need to manage this change?
  • How can building resilience enable you to manage your career?
  • How do I build a network?
  • How do I define what I want to do?
  • How do I create a career path?
  • How do I build my personal brand?

Creating a work-life balance

  • How can I improve my work-life balance?
  • How does creating balance help to build resilience?
  • What effect does technology have on work-life balance?
  • What small things can have a big impact?


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