Grammar and effective writing

Writing clear, accurate and engaging text relies on understanding and applying the rules of grammar, using the right words and constructing coherent prose. This course helps you boost your grammar and punctuation skills, choose and use appropriate words and craft effective sentences and paragraphs.

Grammar and effective writing helps you to discover the underlying rules and conventions of writing, consider the impact of your writing decisions and develop your own writing and editing skills.

This course enables you to:

  • Understand and apply the rules of writing
  • Craft effective sentences and paragraphs
  • Generate clear, accurate and engaging writing
  • Recognise and correct common writing errors
  • Understand why using correct grammar and punctuation is important.

Learning outcomes

Getting to grips with grammar

  • What are the parts of speech?
  • What is a sentence?
  • What are clauses?
  • What is the difference between active and passive verbs?
  • How do I use prepositions?
  • What are the most common grammar mistakes?
  • Is it ever OK to break the rules?

Handling punctuation

  • What are the main punctuation marks?
  • How do I use commas?
  • How do I use apostrophes?
  • How do I use hyphens?
  • How should I punctuate speech?
  • When do I use italics?
  • Are there any exceptions?

Choosing and using words

  • How should I choose which words to use?
  • What is plain English?
  • Are words ever redundant?
  • Are there words I should avoid?
  • Is it ever acceptable to use clichés?
  • What are the most commonly misspelled words?
  • Where can I check spellings and word-use rules?

Crafting sentences and paragraphs

  • How do I write effective sentences?
  • Can I start a sentence with ‘And’ or ‘But’?
  • How do I use clauses?
  • How do I combine sentences together?
  • When should I start a new paragraph?
  • How do I display a list?
  • What can go wrong?


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