Managing change and transformation

Change is a fact of organisational life and is something everyone has to deal with. Yet deciding what changes to make, winning support for new initiatives and delivering on expectations are still major managerial challenges. In a world where the NHS and health and care organisations face uncertain futures, how can you positively impact the future of your own organisation?

Change doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Managing change and transformation helps you to understand how to build a change-ready culture that can make smart decisions and successfully implement innovative ideas. You’ll consider your personal reaction to change, evaluate your organisation’s attitude to innovation and learning, identify barriers to transforming the organisation and explore approaches to overcome them.

This course enables you to:

  • Understand why change matters
  • Explore cultural influences on change
  • Consider why innovation matters
  • Be aware of how to deal with failure
  • Balance change, opportunity and risk
  • Consider how to overcome resistance to change
  • Understand how to win management support

This course is suitable for those at all levels involved in change management and service transformation.

It may also be of use to members of teams who are about to start change processes. It will help all professionals to understand the reasons for change, how to cope with the transition and opportunities it can create.

Learning outcomes

Change and you

  • Why change matters to you
  • Your strategic context
  • Linking innovation with change
  • Exploring cultural influences on change
  • Cross-cultural responses to change

Creating a change-ready culture

  • Why innovation and learning matter
  • Sharing creative ideas and experiences
  • Dealing with failure
  • Reassessing processes and systems
  • Building a diverse and adaptive team

Leading a team through change

  • How people react to change
  • Common barriers to change
  • Overcoming resistance to change
  • Engaging others in your vision
  • Communicating about change

Dealing with uncertainty

  • Balancing change, opportunity and risk
  • Using strategic tools to plan for the future
  • Making effective decisions
  • Communicating about uncertainty
  • Coping in crisis situations

Implementing transformation initiatives

  • Turning working at a distance into a competitive advantage
  • Winning management support
  • Setting goals
  • Building an implementation team
  • Sustaining change in the long term

Course participant comments

“I am part of a change team so this course helped me to understand the ways in which my team should be working and how I can contribute”

“The videos and case studies were helpful. I loved the printable resources”


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