Managing workload

We all work in fast-paced environments, where there are tight deadlines that regularly need to be met. Do your to-do piles only ever seem to get bigger, your inbox only ever become fuller and do you seem to have an ever decreasing amount of time to complete your work in?

This e-learning course helps you develop techniques to meet deadlines by increasing your productivity in the different aspects of your role. It features an in-depth section on how to hold effective meetings, successful collaboration and delegation. It also covers how to prioritise, motivate, avoid stress and cope with colleagues’ expectations.

This course enables you to:

  • Stop time-wasting and focus on the tasks that deliver greatest value to you and your organisation
  • Set clear, workable goals and achieve them
  • Reduce frustration and stress by ensuring your workload is manageable and your contribution adds value to your organisation
  • Experience a sense of achievement when you reach your goals
  • Be more efficient at work and find more time for yourself
  • Learn how to say no to unimportant tasks
  • Recognise a truly unmanageable workload and ask for help in a constructive way

We all, from time to time, have problems managing our workload. Professionals at all levels will profit from thinking again about this key organisational skill.

Learning outcomes

You and your time

  • Why do I need to manage my time?
  • What are the basic principles of time management?
  • Why should I prioritise?
  • How do I decide on priorities?

Being organised

  • Why is it important to be organised?
  • How do I set and achieve my goals?
  • How should I plan and schedule my work?
  • How do I effectively process what comes across my desk?
  • How do I ensure I meet deadlines?

Being productive

  • How do I get things done?
  • How can I avoid procrastinating?
  • How can my colleagues affect my workload?
  • How should I manage my email?

Effective meetings

  • How should I prepare for meetings?
  • How should meetings be structured?
  • How can I make sure people are involved in meetings?
  • How do I ensure the meeting is productive?

Excessive workload

  • How do I avoid an excessive workload?
  • How do I recognise an excessive workload?
  • How do I cope with too much to do?
  • How do I delegate?


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