Expert support

Everyone needs help at some point. PCC can support you with affordable, experts that can work flexibly to deliver just the support you need. As a social enterprise we aim to make sure that the capability for the future is embedded in your team whenever that is possible, rather than developing a reliance on external help.

We can support you across a wide range of areas for example, with strategic development of business plans or organisations, both from a financial and an operational perspective. We can support initial discussions and analyses in order to identify the potential opportunities through to planning how those opportunities will be best delivered in the real world and then, ultimately to support implementation of what is agreed. We work across the whole system, including Trusts, PCNs, integrated care systems and primary care. Our team can support struggling practices to plan for the future, and we can support those needing to prepare for CQC inspections, or addressing recommendations, or provide leadership development and coaching to those leading integrated care systems.

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Examples of our support

Closer working to improve patient outcomes
PCC is currently providing consultancy support to Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust to identify and develop ways in which it can work more closely with local PCN clinical directors and GPs. Through utilising existing contacts, the work has involved reaching out to other community providers in the Midlands to benefit from their experience. The focus has been on identifying key priority areas for the PCNs and community providers to work together on, including plans to improve patient outcomes through the use of the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme.

Community pharmacy integral to PCNs
This article by Julia Sutton-McGough reflects on previous work with community pharmacy leaders who described different experiences when trying to join PCN discussions. A key finding being that it was important for community pharmacy to work through their role prior to engaging with the PCN. The work highlighted a number of potential advantages to patients and practices. In some areas the COVID-19 challenge has led to enhanced relationships and supported closer working with primary care teams and networks. The role of community pharmacy in supporting their neighbourhoods to be resilient is important now more than ever.

New Social Prescribing Roles – New Opportunities for PCNs
PCC’s SocialPrescriberPlus programme, which is the first social prescribing training programme in the country to be accredited by the new Personalised Care Institute, has been equipping new and recently joined social prescribers, care coordinators and health coaches for success in these new roles. Read this article by the trainer Nick Sharples explaining the roles and opportunities for PCNs.

Becoming a team
Most work is done in teams and whilst systems and processes are important, evidence shows that the key to successful transformation is good team working, where individuals understand and value each other. Often change initiatives ignore this human dynamic. This virtual workshop will give new teams some time to reflect and plan for how they work together effectively to achieve success. The workshop will comprise two 90 minute virtual training sessions. This virtual workshop will be particularly useful for any newly forming team. Request a workshop for your team by contacting

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