The following examples give a flavour of the work we do and the feedback we get from clients.

Dental contract reform programme

We received the following reference to support PCC’s bid for inclusion on the Consultancy 18 framework from David Roberts, head of dental and optical policy and contracts, NHS England. Referring to PCC’s work supporting the dental contract reforms, David Roberts gave PCC the maximum score possible on the reference request form and commented:

“PCC have provided a consistency high standard of service without which we could not have managed the dental contract reform programme. They have gone above and beyond expectations including excellent succession planning to allow us to continue without them at the end of the contract.”

Pharmaceutical needs assessment: Northampton County Council

“Charlotte [Goodson] presented to the H&WBB this morning and was superb. I really cannot endorse PCC, specifically Charlotte, enough. The board signed off the report for publication and were highly complimentary of its content.

“Charlotte has provided a highly efficient, professional service and her attention to detail has been second to none. I would like to personally thank Charlotte for all her hard work and congratulate the rest of the PNA steering group, especially Anne from PH who led the original tender, on a job well done.”

Lucy Wightman, director of public health, Northampton County Council

Coaching assignment: general practice

Helen Northall provided individual coaching to a practice manager who gave her top marks in every category of the coaching evaluation. The individual also said:

“The coaching gave me the confidence to know that I am driving the practice in the right direction, with all the changes that I have made since taking up the post and will continue with my vision!”

Collaboration support, Wakefield

When five existing GP federations in Wakefield were making plans to come together in a larger organisation, PCC was brought in to facilitate the relationship. We ran a series of Confident Leader sessions with topic experts including GPs with experience of leading primary care collaborations elsewhere in the country, to enable the Wakefield confederation Conexus to get underway successfully.

“I have done a lot of development programmes and this has been by far the best” – Kate Brentley, managing director, Conexus

“I would recommend the programme – [it was] sensible practical and relevant, with a good range of expert speakers” – Dr Ann Carroll, chair of the new model of care board at Wakefield, says:

GP practice visit, Walsall

PCC successfully completed a holistic diagnostic review of the practice, looking at services to patients, practice organisational structure, infrastructure (management and governance) and practice performance.

“We really found the diagnostic assessment and report helpful. The assessor was so easy to talk to and put everyone at their ease. The recommendations made in the report really identified what support we need, and we look forward to working with PCC on the next stage of this programme.”

Dispute mediation, Tower Hamlets CCG

PCC was asked to provide independent expert mediation in a contract dispute between Tower Hamlets CCG and one of its practice. The dispute was settled to the satisfaction of both parties.

“The combination of an experienced mediator supported by sound technical knowledge allowed us make a real breakthrough in a challenging historic dispute.  The ability of the mediating team to wade through a confused and often changing list of issues and reduce it to a set of manageable, clear and specific points that could be worked through logically, allowed us to make a reasonable offer to the practice that was ultimately accepted. The credibility of the mediating team ensured recommendations were received openly by both sides of the dispute” – Jenny Cooke, deputy director primary and urgent care, Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group.

Confident Leader programme

“I thought the course as whole was most enjoyable, we have changed our approach to dealing with other organisations, how we work within our federation and working to our strengths. We have some good ideas still to take forward” – programme participant

“Relevant content and the opportunity to hear how peers are addressing similar challenges” – programme participant

“The programme was useful in helping us to understand how we could change the attitudes of clinicians. It also challenged our own approach to problem solving and dealing with people” – Dai Tab, NHS Haringey Clinical Commissioning Group

“I now have a broader understanding of how the powers that be think and operate, and I have more awareness of the disparities that exist in Wales. I have an improved understanding of myself through Myers Briggs and realise that certain aspects of my working style I thought of as weaknesses might actually be very beneficial to my job” – Anne Lloyd, Cardiff West

Practice mergers, North Warwickshire

PCC supports practice to merge in a range of circumstances, including takeovers of struggling practices by other practices and mergers between practices keen to put collaboration on a formal footing or take advantage of economies of scale.  PCC associate Frances O’Sullivan recently supported two practices in north Warwickshire to merge, creating the largest practice in the area.

 “Having an identified project manager gave a focus to the workand Frances was able to co-ordinate the actions in the project plan. She also arranged weekly tele-conferences – and identified people from key agencies who it was useful to have joining in particular calls. I think Frances’s primary care management experience was crucial” – Jenni Northcote, chief strategy and primary care officer with NHS Warwickshire North Clinical Commissioning Group

“Although the practice had been proactively holding weekly planning meetings, Frances was invaluable in highlighting areas and risks that needed action. She identified key people within NHS England and PCSE and generally kept the momentum going when we were juggling so many tasks” – Elizabeth Gilbey, practice manager

Federation development, East Lancs Union of GPs

We supported the East Lancs Union of GPs, a GP federation, to agree its mission, vision and purpose, develop its identity and get practices signed up. Later we supported the development of the board resulting in a refocused vision and a strategic plan.

“Working together means stepping out of your comfort zone. PCC helped us to appreciate what we needed to understand, but also provided the confidence we needed to make it happen” – Carole Martin, operational director

Development programme, Kirkwood Management Group

“[PCC’s] facilitation of the development programme was excellent, allowing the group to 'find its way' but with guidance, direction and reflection where appropriate. Collectively, we now feel that we are a stronger management team with the ability to help drive the organisation both at an operational and strategic level. The team now meets on a weekly basis, terms of reference have been developed, joint meetings with the exec management team are scheduled to take place quarterly and management team members generally feel more empowered” – Michael Crowther, chief executive officer, Kirkwood Hospice

Internal network, NHS Cumbria CCG

Cumbria CCG wanted an online space where team members could share information. PCC set up a network on NHS Networks, its free-to-use virtual networking platform and trained CCG staff. 

“We’ve had a number of calls and emails saying how useful the training was. It was really refreshing to hear people engaging with the idea of using the new network, and wanting to encourage others in their team to use the CCG platform” – Karen Morley-Chesworth, communications officer.

General practice collaboration support, Wyre Forest GP Association

PCC provided a facilitated session to allow delegates to share their hopes and concerns about collaborative working. The session resulted in the formation of a working group to steer the project.

"The workshop really helped us understand how we can work together and develop a plan to make it happen.” Roy Williams, chair, Wyre Forest GP Association

Practice management training, St Helen’s CCG

The CCG wanted to support its practice managers and increase their understanding of the medical assurance framework process. Specifically it wanted to train them to use an associated GP outcomes tool.

“This was a really useful introduction to the assurance framework, the information available and how it will be used by NHS England going forward.  Our practice managers have a much better understanding now of the information and how it could be used by practices, the CCG and NHS England” – Beth Collins, head of primary care, St Helen’s Clinical Commissioning Group

Awareness of primary medical contracts, Warrington CCG

The CCG wanted to explain the implications of a forthcoming PMS review process to practices holding the contract.

“Warrington CCG commissioned PCC to deliver a PMS contract workshop to our practices. The workshop focused on the upcoming changes, differences between PMS and GMS and the impact of PMS premium payments. The workshop which was also attended by the local LMC and NHS England clearly gave everyone a much deeper understanding of the key issues practices will face and allowed important time to discuss and debate both national and local implications. We would thoroughly recommend any other CCGs wanting to help their member practices to understand the implications of the contract changes to speak to PCC about how they can support you with a similar event” – Nick Armstrong, chief operating officer, Warrington CCG.