Key dates

2004 Support rollout of new GP contract
2006 NHS Primary Care Contracting formed
2007 NHS Networks re-launched as part of PCC
2009 Established as independent social enterprise
2010 Support for dental contract reform programme
2012 Annual contracts with 100% of primary care trusts
2015 First Confident Leader programme
2017 Support for clinical pharmacists in general practice programme
2018 Included on Consult 18 framework

The organisation that became PCC started in the National Primary and Care Trust Development Programme (NatPaCT) and subsequently became part of the Modernisation Agency.  In 2006, several NatPaCT personnel started a new organisation called NHS Primary Care Contracting, an NHS-hosted but self-funding organisation providing PCT primary care teams with advice, training and specialist support.

NHS Primary Care Contracting played a leading part in the introduction of the new national primary care contracts and went on to provide annual subscription services to PCTs and strategic health authorities (SHAs) until their abolition in 2013.  

In 2009, the organisation secured its independence and set up as a social enterprise, Primary Care Commissioning Community Interest Company.

PCC continues to develop and manage NHS Networks, a free news and virtual collaboration service with over 100,000 users as part of our social mission.

As well as continuous support to commissioners, we offer strategic and operational support to primary care providers and support to national work programmes. For example we have been instrumental in national primary care dentistry improvement schemes, including dental contract reform for more than ten years. We are currently the national provider of development support to practices taking part in NHS England’s clinical pharmacists in general practice programme.