ICS development

Understanding primary care for ICS leaders

Working with primary care is vital for the success of integrated care systems. We can facilitate understanding of the primary care environment, development of local relationships, effective governance and other arrangements necessary to working as a system.

Making collaboration business as usual

Collaboration is an art. It doesn’t always come naturally to organisations with their own agendas, financial pressures and priorities. Successful collaboration requires patience, preparation, compromise and consensus. We have experience in developing collaborative projects both across primary care organisations and also multiple health and care providers at place level and can use this experience to help you put collaboration at the heart of your ICS.

Primary care within the integrated care system

As integrated care systems (ICSs) develop there are several questions that need answering in relation to primary care. How will primary care be represented, if the voice at board level is from primary medical care, how do the other primary care professions get their voice heard? Will a primary care board be developed to help ensure all professions are represented? What do the other members of the ICS understand about how primary care works and the contracts that underpin the professions? There are so many questions and areas to work through but it is important that primary care has a voice in agreeing objectives and priorities at ICS level, and making sure these align with priorities at place and primary care network level. The PCC team helps areas to work through these questions and develop effective systems for the future supported by our suite of leadership development to ensure that the skills for success are embedded in your local area.

Annual contracts

PCC helps organisations reduce costs and increase efficiency through our annual contract packages with many clients renewing their contracts year after year. Support includes commissioner helpdesks to access primary care expertise and access to events, e-learning and workshops at reduced rates. As ICSs take on commissioning responsibilities for primary care talk to our advisers to increase your effectiveness in getting the best from your primary care contractors.

Leadership development

The challenges that organisations in the NHS are facing are intense. It is now that through working together organisations can start to find solutions to some of the more challenging issues that they face. Many leaders are coming together across areas for the first time to work on local priorities. PCC can support leaders with these real day to day challenges while building their leadership skills. Our support for integrated care system leaders, PCN leaders and those from other providers includes undertaking research prior to sessions to understand the most pressing themes that leaders need to work on for the health economy to succeed, tailored development support with an action learning approach so that the real problems get addressed and that capability is embedded for the future.


Listen, gain trust and co-operate
Collaboration is one of the words we are hearing most often as integrated care systems are starting to take shape. But how can you help this to happen? One of the themes in the Long Term Plan and strengthened by the White Paper is that organisations should work across the system – not just considering their own targets or financial position, but those of the system. To start with – who to collaborate with? Although the White Paper outlines who should be on the boards, for practical collaboration to improve the health and care of the population there is a need to collaborate at the right level, with the right partners for the changes being considered. This won’t always be the same group of people and organisations. For some areas this may be at ICS level, but more likely to be at place or PCN level. Involving health partners (Trusts, PCNs, GP practices, community services including other primary care services) local authorities, patients, voluntary, community and social enterprise partners and community groups will be important depending on the area being considered. To successfully collaborate and keep the relevant partners on board win-win solutions will be needed – but how to get there? Read more.

Cultural change at the heart of integrated care systems
As the themes of the NHS Long Term Plan start to become reality through plans for legislation to support integration, is it just legislation that will make this happen? Is this more about large scale change management or is it cultural change, rather than the creation of new bodies and boards? Read more.

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