Managing risk in social media

3 February 2016

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for organisations but it is not without risk. These risks can have a major impact on you, your career and your organisation. And they can happen whether or not you are using social media.

Managing risk in social media helps you analyse and prepare your organisation for the problems that may occur when using social media. It helps you understand how to handle internal social accounts and deal with external social media activity which your organisation may become involved in. 

This course will not only help you to understand, identify and manage risks, but will also guide you in preparing to protect your organisation from damage that may be caused.

This course enables you to:

  • Identify social media risks and assess their potential effects
  • Understand both external and internal risks of social media
  • Know where to look for social media risks within your organisation
  • Learn the legal and reputational risks from social media
  • Audit risks for your organisation and prepare for a crisis

Target audience

This course is designed for managers and professionals who wish to understand how to manage the strategic, reputational and operational risks associated with social media. It is useful for managers of all departments, as well as those involved directly with communications and marketing.

Learning outcomes

Social media risk

  • What is risk in social media?
  • Why is social media a problem?
  • What different types of risk are there?
  • Where can you find risk within an organisation?
  • What is social listening?

Process risk

  • Why consider the process risks?
  • What strategic risks should I be aware of?
  • What are the IT risks from social media?
  • What are the HR risks from social media?
  • What compliance risks are found in social media?

Asset and value risk

  • Why are asset risks important?
  • How can social media damage an organisation’s finances?
  • What are the legal risks from social media?
  • Is social media a wasted investment?
  • What are the intellectual property risks?

Reputational risk

  • Why is corporate reputation so important?
  • Protecting reputations online
  • Avoiding social media campaign disasters
  • Managing customer comments in social media
  • External websites

Managing and mitigating risks

  • Auditing risks
  • Preparing for a crisis
  • Spotting a crisis
  • What to do in a crisis
  • Learning from a crisis


£75 - 4 hours CPD

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