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Online learning has numerous advantages over traditional learning methods. Some of these include the possibility for you to make use of self-paced learning and to choose your own learning environments. Additionally, e-learning is both cost-effective and cost-efficient, as it removes the geographical obstacles often associated with traditional ways of learning.

In January 2021, we introduced a new e-learning offer as our clients told us they wanted to see a wider range of topics to choose from and a choice on the duration of the course.

We have worked with a new e-learning partner to source new courses and topics. The new library of courses includes some bite size courses of five to ten minutes, which are a good resource, and a good introduction to some areas. The topics also fit with the importance of looking after yourself, your health and wellbeing.

We have an extensive library of courses and we will be making new topics available during the year. How the e-learning is purchased is different to our previous offer, instead of purchasing individual courses you can purchase a pass for one named individual to access all the courses we have available for one year. We will add new playlists to the list of courses available over time. This provides great value for money.

Current courses available are:

Change management

One of the biggest challenges with change is how people will respond to it in their various roles. These courses will help you to apply general guidelines for an effective change transition. You will understand how to communicate the reasons for change, involve the correct people in the change process, create effective teams, and communicate regular updates on the progress.

Collaboration – working across organisations

Collaborative working can bring many benefits, including company performance and employee satisfaction. This playlist explores the reasons for collaboration in the workplace, the different types of collaboration, and the key to successful collaboration including establishing a strong team and picking the right tools for the job.

Communication/presentation skills

Communication is one of the most important aspects of our life, be it in the workplace or your personal life. To communicate effectively with others and build good relationships, it’s important to tailor your communication style to your audience. Using a range of realistic examples, scenarios and challenges, it’s the ideal starting point to begin building your communication skills.

Whether it’s presenting to your peers or addressing a large audience, presentation skills are essential for effectively communicating your message. These courses provides an introduction to delivering great presentations. Using a range of realistic examples, scenarios and challenges, it’s the ideal starting point to begin developing your presentations skills.

Customer service

Customers are a vital part of every business so taking time to learn about good customer service is more beneficial than you might think. Great customer service needs great communication. In these courses, you’ll find tips to help you to ensure you get your communication right using a range of realistic examples, scenarios and challenges, to begin building your customer service skills.

Health and wellbeing

In today’s fast-paced world, the secret to success is often the way we look after ourselves and how we build habits that help us deal with stress and new challenges. Healthier staff are generally happier, more motivated and productive, so it’s important for employers and employees to prioritise health and wellbeing. This playlist brings together a range of health and wellbeing tools to help you be your best.


What is your negotiating style? Deciding on your style should be a major part of your preparation before negotiation begins. In this series, you will learn about those processes as we cover appropriate use of power, influencing techniques, how to get others to follow your lead, win-win negotiations, maximising your core influence. This playlist provides an introduction to influencing and negotiation, using a range of realistic examples, scenarios and challenges.

Influence (1984) explains in detail the fundamental principles of persuasion. How do you get people to say yes? How do other people get you to say yes? This will help you understand the psychology behind their techniques, enabling you to unleash your own persuasive powers, while also defending against their tactics of manipulation.


When it comes to leadership, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. This playlist presents some key leadership styles and looks at why it’s important for leaders to adopt a variety of different styles. It provides an introduction to leadership, using a range of realistic examples, scenarios and challenges. It’s the ideal starting point to begin building your leadership skills.

Managing a team

Teams can be a challenge to manage well – for example, it’s common to experience conflict within a team, and there is usually the opportunity for most teams to work better towards their goal. This playlist demonstrates areas where managers can step up and provides practical advice on how to do this. Both established and new managers will learn how to delegate better and how to motivate their team to achieve greater things. It is for anyone looking for a clear, easy to understand introduction to team management.

MS 365 – Useful Excel functions

This playlist has a range of resources on MS 365 Excel.

MS Office

This playlist has a range of resources on MS office products including MS Teams, Excel, Word and Powerpoint.

Project management

Planning a project can often feel like a complex, overwhelming process. In these e-learning courses you’ll learn techniques to keep your project on track and prepare you for then thing can go wrong. These courses are for anyone looking for a clear, easy to understand introductions to managing a project.


In today’s fast-paced work environment, resilience is an important skill for all individuals as it relates to your ability to ‘bounce back’ and move on from challenging situations. Resilience is how you as an individual respond to daily pressures both during work and in everyday life. This playlists will help you to understand how you can build your resilience in the workplace

Team development

Everyone in your team is different but you succeed and fail together. In this playlist you’ll learn how you can manage your team members so they can flourish both together and as individuals, and better align your team’s development with organisational objectives.

Time management

Knowing which task to focus on at any time can sometimes be a real challenge. In this playlist you’ll discover the difference between urgent tasks and important tasks and learn how to prioritise your tasks for better time management. It is for anyone looking for a clear, easy to understand introduction to managing their time more effectively.

E-learning is a great way to learn at a time and pace that suits you. It is automatically included in our annual contract offers to clients and can be purchased under a credit contract agreement to provide a discounted rate (minimum purchase of £5,000) when you purchase other support from PCC. Alternatively, you can buy one-off access to the full library of courses for a one-year period. The cost for annual access to our e-learning £300 per person (excluding VAT). This will give you a full years access to the library of courses we make available which you can go to at any point during that period. For information about our e-learning offer, please contact

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