Natural leaders in a crisis

Much is written about leading in the time of Covid-19 and much is being achieved in these unprecedented times. Primary care leaders may feel they don’t have all the relevant experience because this has quite simply never happened before.

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Expertise to support change and transformation

PCC has a number of experts to support you. Whether it’s leading a transformation programme, creating new processes and improving quality; managing stakeholders and supporting cross organisational working, or identifying the root causes of problems and working through to sustainable solutions. Our associate team includes public health experts, ex chief executives and clinical experts. Contact to see how we can support you.

Using ongoing learning to drive patient safety – how one CCGs approach to seeing the bigger picture created a novel approach to geographical hosting responsibilities

What happens when things go wrong with an independent provider operating in your CCG patch where CCG itself has no contracts with the provider?

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A day in the life of a PCC expert adviser

We thought you might find it useful to get to know the PCC team, so we will be including information in our future newsletters about our team and give you an insight into how they work. The first article introduces Wendy Crew who has been with PCC for 11 years.

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Leadership in a crisis

It feels as if health and care leaders have been working in a crisis environment for nearly a year. As well as the peaks of Coronavirus leaders have needed to implement a vaccination programme, try to keep the routine work going and manage a team of staff with higher sickness absence and anxiety than ever before. In addition teams have needed to adjust to new ways of working – in Covid-19 safe ways, with PPE and using virtual ways of working. The pressure on PCN manager, practice managers and managers of NHS trusts has been extreme – to highlight just a few areas. As pressure continues for prolonged periods of time the risk for managers is that they may slip into a command and control mode of leadership, rather than developing a strong, shared sense of meaning and purpose.

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PCC continues to support the development of primary care networks

From the moment primary care networks (PC Ns) were first announced with the publication of the NHS Long Term Plan and the new framework for the GP contract in January 2019, PCC has been providing support across the country to both PCNs and their commissioners. This support has been continually evolving in order to meet the changing needs of PCNs, ensuring that whatever stage of development they are in, and whatever changes the system threw up, there has always been a reliable expert close to hand.

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Additional roles in primary care – so much more than an extra pair of hands

We know that the introduction of the additional roles reimbursement scheme (ARRS) for primary care networks (PCNs) will grow capacity in general practice to address the unsustainably high workload that has put so much pressure on GPs.

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Creating the new culture for primary care

Leaders help to create the culture of an organisation – it’s the way things are done around here. During 2020, cultures changed rapidly, forced upon us by the Coronavirus pandemic. Leaders had minimal say – what needed to be done was done and now a legacy of doing things a different way will be left. Leaders now have to work through and appraise the new culture, consider what works and they would like to retain, and what should change. Things will never go back to how they were before Covid-19, patient expectations and clinicians ways of working have changed significantly.

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Annual contracts offer

Many CCGs and local offices across the country take advantage of the support we deliver through our annual contracts. We offer two types of annual contract, a subscription offer which contains set elements for use during the period of the contract, and a credits option which gives our clients flexibility to decide what support they want delivered.

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Expanding our popular e-learning

E-learning has always been a popular choice for our annual contract holders but when the pandemic hit, we saw a significant increase in the uptake of our e-learning courses. During the first lockdown, our events team and advisers were busy turning all of our face to face events into virtual training events and workshops, as our e-learning courses provided a ready alternative for clients to develop their own personal skills at times that suited them.

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Primary Care Networks – how did we get here?

In the NHS Five Year Forward View. 2014, Simon Stevens uniquely for an NHS senior leader, emphasised – ‘The foundation of NHS care will remain list-based primary care’.

And now we have Primary Care Networks (PCNs) the base unit in responsibility for England’s health care, populations circa 30,000 to 50,000 people served by groups of GP practices working with NHS community services, social care and other providers to deliver more co-ordinated and proactive services.

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Expert support, delivered flexibly

The pressure is piling on all areas of the health service, when it’s just not possible for your team to deliver all that is needed let us know. PCC has a range of expert associates who can support. From strategic communications to supporting a review of racism and related policies, change management to project management. Contact and let us know how we can help.

Coaching and leadership development

The PCC team includes experienced coaches and leadership development professionals able to offer individual coaching, work with teams; and able to support large scale leadership development programmes.

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What now for commissioning?

By Professor David Colin-Thomé, OBE, chair of PCC and formerly a GP for 36 years, the National Clinical Director of Primary, Dept of Health England 2001- 10 and visiting Professor Manchester and Durham Universities.

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