Outcomes based commissioning

Economic, social and political forces are forcing the NHS to rethink commissioning.

Funding constraints mean that double running costs are no longer viable. The need to close the spending gap in public services means that priority-setting involves difficult decisions and funding choices. The need for efficiency needs to be balanced with rising demand and pressure to maintain quality and safety. Public scrutiny of tax-funded services and dissatisfaction with services that marginalise, exclude or ignore the wishes of patients make commissioners increasingly accountable for their decisions.

Outcomes-based commissioning promises to address these requirements by:

  • Working with service users and providers to agree outcomes and measures
  • Focusing on long-term value rather than in-year cost or throughput
  • Recasting the role of commissioner as a producer of systems of care
  • Stressing the importance of evidence
  • Better linking commissioning intentions and service delivery through clearer, more robust contracting

PCC can support your organisation to understand: 

  • The patient populations to focus on
  • How to develop the right outcomes
  • How best to engage with patients, clinicians and the wider system
  • Engagement, co- creation and contracting to change behaviours
  • Contracting for outcomes

We can help through:

  • Facilitated awareness and development sessions for the governing body, clinical leads and commissioning teams
  • Development and design of programmes of change
  • Supporting and facilitating system and patient engagement.

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