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Find out how we can help your PCN navigate the changes taking place in primary care.

The new team

PCNs can access funding through the additional roles reimbursement scheme (ARRS), but it’s one thing to employ a new member of staff and another to get them working effectively, particularly when they are employed across a network.

Our workshops can help you to successfully integrate the additional roles into your teams across your network, ensuring you understand and are able to successfully manage the heightened complexities of recruitment, induction, supervision and practicalities of multi-site working.

Making it work together

Networks were created at an unprecedented pace, and if they are to be more than loose collectives of practices, they need more than a shared financial incentive.

We can facilitate the development of lasting relationships based on visions and values that everyone shares and believes in.

We can support your network to understand where they are on the PCN maturity matrix and more importantly, what your network needs to implement to move forward.

Delivering for your population

National policy has identified services that all networks will need to deliver.

We can support your network in developing capability to meet the PCN service specifications and demonstrate that they are compliant.

Understanding your network population and their needs is crucial to making effective decisions where to focus your energies. We can support you to analyse the data you have available to you to do just that.

Leading your PCN

Leadership is a generic skill but clinical directors and others responsible for leading networks face particular challenges.

Our leadership training adapts classic management theory to the unique requirements of clinical directors and practice managers, enabling you to learn with and from your peers and to apply the learning from day one.

Learning the lessons from Covid-19

During the COVID -19 pandemic, PCNs implemented and experienced a number of changes covering operational, strategic and attitudinal aspects of practice life, including the introduction of unprecedented collaborative work to deliver the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Our three-stage impact assessment supports PCNs to plan thoroughly so all changes can be assessed on their suitability and effectiveness going forward.

Commissioning and the PCN DES

Our half-day introduction session for commissioning teams is aimed at providing an understanding of the requirements of the PCN DES and what effective delivery means for patients and providers. The session allows time for analysis and discussion on common (and not so common) commissioning issues to support effective decision making.

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