• Patients avoid 7,500 nights in hospital with tailored home help scheme

    16 January 2019

    An NHS programme in Somerset has helped patients avoid 7,500 nights in hospital and freed up at least £2m for other services.

    Somerset’s pioneering Homefirst scheme offers patients who are healthy enough tailored help to finish therapy at home, with personalised care reducing stays in hospital by up to ten days.

    Homefirst is delivered by specialist teams of staff who have been given additional training in a range of care techniques, so they can do more with patients once they are home, to help them regain independence faster.

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  • NHS operational planning and contracting 2019/20, technical guidance

    16 January 2019

    NHS England has issued technical planning guidance to support the submission of consistent planning templates.

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  • Welcome focus on primary care but NHS plan also raises difficult questions

    14 January 2019

    The NHS Long Term Plan includes a promise of £4.5bn of ring-fenced funding for primary care and community services. Among its bolder ambitions are that integrated care systems (ICS) will cover the country within two years and that all GP practices will be members of primary care networks by this April. But as PCC’s initial analysis of the plan shows, it also raises some difficult questions about the future of CCGs, not all of which can be expected to survive in their current form and about the development of primary care networks, which need to be nurtured not imposed if the local foundations for integrated care are to be strong and stable.

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  • Luton primary care network frees up 3,000 extra appointments

    11 January 2019

    GP practices in Luton have worked together to provide more than 3,000 extra appointments a year including halving the number of appointments lost due to patient non-attendance.
    As well as freeing up appointments, the initiative has improved satisfaction with services and cut complaints by 12%. The network has also realised savings of £50,000.
    NHS England has made a video highlighting the network’s achievements.

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  • Government publishes the long term plan for the NHS

    7 January 2019

    The much anticipated long term plan is out. Entitled simply the NHS Long Term Plan, the document is a 134 page list of priorities for the next decade.

    As expected, the document has a lot to say about prevention and self-care and restates long-running ambitions to see more care provided out of hospital. The plan also underlines the determination to accelerate the development of integrated care systems (ICS): all areas of the country are expected to implement ICS within two years. It also sets ambitious timescales for primary care networks (PCN) – clusters of general practice and other services covering local populations of 30,000-50,000 – with the expectation that all practices will be part of a PCN by April this year. GP network contracts will be used alongside existing GMS contracts to incentivise practices to provide services collaboratively.

    NHS England is emphasising that while the long term plan is an “important milestone”, the job of turning it into detailed operational plans will fall to CCGs and other local organisations.

    The document, along with other resources, can be read at www.longtermplan.nhs.uk.

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