• Integration will mean a change in commissioning

    12 September 2018

    If integration is the “right thing to do”, it should be made the easy thing to do, according to Paul MauBach, chief executive officer of Dudley and Walsall Clinical Commissioning Group.

    Reflecting on his experience leading a multispecialty community provider (MCP) in Dudley and an alliance contract with Walsall, he says: “If you look at current governance and structures they work against integration; especially the contracting. A priority for me as a commissioner is the need to change the way we commission. In Dudley we have done a lot round commissioning for outcomes rather than on activity and we make those outcomes the same for GPs and for consultants.

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  • Want an ICS? Then you’ll need some of these

    12 September 2018

    Primary care networks (PCNs) are at the heart of the developing integrated care systems starting to spring up across England. In many areas NHS England’s desire to see GP practices working together in PCNs that integrate community healthcare at scale is now backed by resources.

    PCNs are groups of GP practices working with a range of statutory and voluntary sector organisations to deliver integrated community health and wellbeing. NHS England’s preferred population size for PCNs is 30,000-50,000. A consensus is emerging that this is the most appropriate range for delivering primary care at scale without losing the local feel of NHS services.

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  • Pricing reform to promote integration is still in the works

    12 September 2018

    The trailblazers involved in developing and implementing new care models and integrated care systems have long voiced frustration that current payment systems block innovation.

    The pricing gurus at NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSI) are now finessing a ‘blended’ payment system they hope will support system-wide objectives such as integration and care closer to home. It will ideally include risk-sharing arrangements that provide some peace of mind to finance directors across primary, community and secondary health services.

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  • Role of CCGs when integrated care providers are in place

    6 August 2018

    NHS England has published guidance to clarify whether integrated care providers (ICPs) are allowed to manage third party contracts. It also covers the handling of individual funding requests.

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  • Focus on people rather than structures says STP survivor

    2 August 2018

    Only one of the four local authority bosses to lead first wave sustainability and transformation partnerships is still standing.

    And he says the role sometimes “feels like running a sub-branch of Relate”.

    David Pearson, the Nottinghamshire STP lead and county council director of adult health and social care, says his local government background has helped drive integration of health, social care and related services.

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