Support for NHS Trusts

The way forward: opportunities for providers

NHS trusts are in a triple bind of financial pressure, rising demand and regulation. With growing pressure to maintain quality of care and safety and a sector wide quest for heroic efficiency gains, the challenge often appears insurmountable.

The Five Year Forward View holds a mirror up to the NHS, making it clear that the problems of secondary care are symptoms of a system-wide failure of coordination and cooperation. Similar challenges in primary care, community services and social care are creating an increasingly desperate game of pass the parcel where seemingly intractable problems in one sector are endlessly shifted to the others.

PCC and Capsticks have joined forces to create events where provider organisations can explore how to engage with primary care and community services to work towards viable local solutions. The half-day sessions will give you the opportunity to address such burning questions as:

  • What does integration with primary care really mean?
  • What are the implications of shifting activity, both clinical and non-clinical?
  • How can providers in all sectors align their interests including director duties and the implications of cross-organisational working?
  • Are there viable win-win scenarios or inevitable losers?  How collaboration can support independence rather than mergers
  • How can your organisation engage in the agenda as a leader?
  • Potential timelines for your project.

PCC is the national authority on primary care commissioning and contracting. We work with GP federations, vanguards and commissioners interested in nurturing the development of systems of care that span traditional organisational boundaries. Capsticks has “coal-face” experienced of leading on vanguard and other models of care projects and will bring this ground-breaking expertise to the sessions.

The half-day sessions can help you understand what options are available to help identify where you can start this work and what it is likely to entail. The sessions can be run for individual organisations, groups of similar organisations or those from the same locality with a shared interest in reaching a solution.

Each session will focus on:

  • Joint working across organisations and delivering outcomes: reviewing the different ways in which you can work with other organisations to provide a more efficient or effective service – including understanding the mechanics of MCPs, PACS and other collaborative models and the principles behind prime providers, alliance contracting and supply chains
  • Getting involved in primary care/community services: how other sectors can work with primary care including the extent to which trusts and independent providers can enter into or support GP practices and primary care contracts
  • Understanding the contractual requirements: getting to grips with the key features of the basic contracting routes such as GMS, PMS, APMS and the NHS standard contract
  • Embedding new approaches: organisational and system development including supporting the design and delivery of engagement and relationship programmes to embed new working
  • Wider statutory framework: connected issues such as workforce and pensions, procurement and competition law implications of your arrangements.

These topics will be illustrated with case studies and realistic scenarios. Participants will have ample opportunity to debate the issues and tackle common problems with peers and to put questions to our legal and industry specialists.

The sessions are for senior decision-makers responsible for organisational strategy, partnerships, service development and contracting including CEOs, finance and resource directors, director of strategy and operations, medical and nursing directors and chief operating officers. They can be held at your premises or a convenient local venue.

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