Mike Simpson

Mike is the PCC lead for primary care premises and primary care finance and has delivered many dedicated premises workshops for subscribing area teams and bespoke workshops and presentations for CCGs. He also delivered a series of premises events commissioned by NHS England for over 400 delegates. He is an expert in the Premises Costs Directions – the regulations that govern primary care premises funding – and the practical application of the rules.

Mike is also a member of the PCC primary medical team and has a detailed knowledge of all types of primary medical contracts and contracting topics including variations, mergers, incorporations, 24 hour retirement, sanctions, terminations, patient list and practice boundary issues.

Mike is a former internal auditor, PCT management accountant and primary care accountant with over 20 years’ experience in the NHS, he joined PCC in January 2009. As an experienced primary care accountant he led the finance discussions in detailed negotiations and annual reviews with medical practitioners.

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