• Don’t let your inbox win

    18 March 2019

    We all work in fast-paced environments, where there are tight deadlines that regularly need to be met. Do your to-do piles only ever seem to get bigger, your inbox only ever become fuller and do you seem to have an ever decreasing amount of time to complete your work in?

    This e-learning course – Managing Workload – helps you develop techniques to meet deadlines by increasing your productivity in the different aspects of your role. It features an in-depth section on how to hold effective meetings, successful collaboration and delegation. It also covers how to prioritise, motivate, avoid stress and cope with colleagues' expectations.

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  • Practical support for primary care networks

    14 March 2019

    The “what” of primary care networks is becoming clearer every day, but the “how” will continue to be a perplexing challenge for the vast majority of practices that have yet to make a start. The real work will start after the scramble to meet the mid-May deadline to apply for the network DES. PCC has mapped out its support offer which allows practices to call on us for as much or as little assistance as they need.

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  • Introduction to project management

    12 March 2019

    Project management requires a specific set of skills, some of which we possess naturally and can learn to use more effectively. But it also requires knowledge and a well-defined approach. This one day training session is for everyone who has responsibility for projects or is part of a project team.

    The session on 9 October in Leeds, 13 November in Manchester and 5 December in London sets out the common principles of project management and covers the journey from inception to completion. The session covers the rationale for projects, the stages of project management, the role of the project manager and gives useful hints and tips for effective and efficient project management. Scenario based exercises are included to illustrate the concepts involved.

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  • Huge response to CQC readiness events

    7 March 2019

    After a huge response to our offer of local events to prepare practices for CQC inspection, we have been contacted by a number of practices and CCGs to see if we can run these locally for groups of practices. We have scheduled dates for the first events in Bristol on 11 June and in Leeds on 19 June . We are considering other dates and locations so practices and CCGs interested in running local events are invited to continue to register expressions of interest at enquiries@pcc-cic.org.uk. Please remember to include your contact details and nearest large town to assist us in planning.

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  • Releasing time in practice: learning from success

    7 March 2019

    Workload pressure is causing GPs to retire early or leave the profession. The resulting shortages mean higher workload for those left behind, making it harder to attract newly qualified doctors into the profession and creating a vicious circle from which many practices are struggling to escape.

    Renewed efforts in training and education and new investment for general practice may pay off in the long term, but what can crisis-riven practices do now?

    This event on 16 May in Birmingham presents case studies from practices that were losing GPs and struggling to survive, but have managed to turn a corner by restructuring, investing in training of existing staff and adding new roles to the workforce.

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