• Innovation

    15 October 2018

    Innovation is all about generating and implementing new ideas and breaking the mould to deliver success. This course shows you why innovation is important, how to create and select great ideas and how to realise them in your own organisation.

    You will appreciate how creativity can grow from crisis, consider alternative business models and try out some practical tools for idea generation and risk management. The innovation e-learning course will teach you how to contribute effective new ideas to a range of situations within your organisation.

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  • The principles of project management

    15 October 2018

    Good project management is of the art of getting a successful outcome using the resources available. This is more important than ever in health and social care where managers are under increasing pressure to deliver better outcomes and greater efficiency in every aspect of their work.

    Project management requires a specific set of skills, some of which we possess naturally and can learn to use more effectively. But it also requires knowledge and a well-defined approach. This one day training session on 16 January in Manchester, 21 February in London and 5 March in Birmingham is for everyone who has responsibility for projects or is part of a project team.

    The session sets out the common principles of project management and covers the journey from inception to completion. The session covers the rationale for projects, the stages of project management, the role of the project manager and gives useful hints and tips for effective and efficient project management. Scenario based exercises are included to illustrate the concepts involved.

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  • Dealing with difficult people and situations – courageous conversations

    15 October 2018

    This workshop looks at workplace challenges and fears, what causes stress in these difficult situations, and how to cope with them. We discuss how to build personal resilience and develop assertiveness skills, followed by a session on courageous conversations – things to consider and top tips. We also spend time testing out some difficult conversations, to help you to understand what to do when you face resistance or hostility.

    The session on 8 November in Leeds, 29 November in London and 13 February in Birmingham is interactive and outcomes-focused and includes practical advice on managing situations and avoiding conflict. It encourages self-reflection but also benefits from the group’s shared experience.

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  • Network leadership

    8 October 2018

    Network leadership is not just a new way to lead, but also a new way of thinking. It is non-linear, dynamic, and very much relationship-based. It is a leadership style that shows you how you can improve others' performance and bring together other people's contributions to the benefit of your organisation. This e-learning course helps you and your organisation adapt and make the most of this new approach.

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  • Dental contract reform process starts testing vital payment systems

    2 October 2018

    PCC continues to support the dental contract reform programme led by the Department of Health and NHS England. The programme is intended to deliver a contract and systems
    that maintain or improve access, ensure quality and appropriateness of care and improve oral health – all within the current financial envelope.

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