• Pan London practice team quality improvement programme

    8 August 2018

    Practice teams in London are invited to attend a series of free workshops designed to assist with the delivery of the General Practice Five Year Forward View objectives. The sessions will focus on the GP Forward View 10 high impact actions and will include guest speakers who have had successful experiences in delivering these actions. Facilitators will help delegates to share their challenges and successes and encourage them to consider the most effective ways of working. The workshops are being held across London from September to December.

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  • Support for primary care networks

    7 August 2018

    NHS England is supporting primary care networks (PCN), an initiative to stimulate the development of general practice groups covering the 30,000 to 50,000 population size often regarded as the entry level point for primary care at scale. PCN advocates collaborative ways of working and finding collective solutions to local problems.

    PCC works with primary care networks and - where in place - federation boards to develop the vision and plans needed by local networks, focusing on early-stage collaboration including reaching consensus, identifying roles, and creating engagement; and moving on to support the leadership development and business planning to make networks successful and sustainable. For more information about how we can facilitate networks in your area contact enquiries@pcc-cic.org.uk.

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  • Give your primary care commissioning committees the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions

    17 July 2018

    CCG boards need to understand how primary care contracts can help them to achieve – or prevent them from achieving – their strategic aims.

    Primary care commissioning committees, the decision-making bodies for the exercise of delegated powers, may include individuals with no knowledge or direct experience of contracting. Yet CCGs with full delegated responsibility for primary medical care contracts are responsible for reviewing existing contractual arrangements and managing failing and underperforming contracts.

    PCC runs workshops that encourage CCGs to use local scenarios to bring to life and discuss the potential complexities of contracting and the factors commissioners need to take into account.

    To find out more, contact enquiries@pcc-cic.org.uk

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  • Practical tools for problem-solving

    9 July 2018

    Professionals at every level need to find solutions to problems – practical solutions that can be justified and implemented. Although the context and content of our problems may be unique, it is likely that somebody has had this sort of problem before. Don’t waste valuable time reinventing the wheel.

    At this workshop on 22 November in London you will learn a range of practical techniques such as force-field analysis, brainstorming, Ishikawa diagrams, mind-mapping, the Pareto Principle, decision trees, decision matrices and DeBono’s thinking hats.

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  • All roads to the future start in the same place, with primary care

    2 July 2018

    What do a Wolverhampton trust, a London GP federation and a Gateshead practice group have in common? The answer is determination not to wait for permission to improve local services. Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust now runs practices covering a population of 140,000, City & Hackney GP Confederation has helped local practices turn around their business and clinical outcomes, and a practice business manager in Gateshead argues that ambitious practices should set their sights beyond reducing GP workload. Find out more in the July issue of Commissioning Excellence.

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