Working with GP practices to review demand and capacity

PCC have worked with many practices across the country to consider access challenges and to support them to gain a greater understanding of their demand and capacity.  We were commissioned to deliver support to a Gloucester based practice which was recorded as having decreasing levels of patient satisfaction and a growing delay in routine appointment availability.  

Working with the GPs and practice team, PCC developed tools to enable them to measure the demand at the practice, understand that demand and to consider how they might manage that demand more appropriately to improve capacity and access.  During this time we worked closely with the practice manager to assess current capacity and identified significant opportunities for improving the use of the clinical team and work skills mix to achieve greater patient satisfaction. We were able to develop a detailed report with recommendations and methodology for managing change, several steps of which were incorporated during the analysis period.   The project required influencing and negotiation skills, data analysis and reporting, a great understanding and knowledge of general practice, demand, capacity and change management skills.