QOF business rules v27

30 October 2013

The Health and Social Care Information Centre has released v27 of the QOF business rules.

Due to historical discrepancies between the version 2 and CTV3 codes for mental health two codes have been added to the mental health register in CTV3: E1124 (single major depressive episode, severe, with psychosis) and E1134 (recurrent major depressive episodes, severe, with psychosis).

Patients with a record of these codes will now be included in the mental health register and may be eligible for inclusion in the mental health indicators (along with smoking indicators SMOK002 and SMOK005).

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Managing from within the team

28 July 2016

Most managers are members of the team they manage. This creates tension between the need to complete your own work and the need to manage the rest of the team.

This e-learning course helps managers to balance these two roles, manage their team’s workload and delegate effectively. It takes you through how to successfully communicate at different levels within your organisation as well as how to avoid or manage conflict within your team.

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Role of devolution in the health service

27 July 2016

A report by KPMG recommends that local areas should negotiate health devolution deals directly with the government to empower local leaders to drive integration, transformation and financial sustainability in their local health and care economies. It argues that much more NHS funding should be raised and controlled locally with local NHS and local government leaders devolved total control of their entire local health budget. Correspondingly local areas should be increasingly free of central government control and direction, with greater local flexibilities.

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Maternity transformation programme early adopters

27 July 2016

NHS England is seeking expressions of interest from local areas that are willing to test out new models of care as part of the maternity transformation programme. The experiences of the early adopters will pave the way for national roll-out of initiatives that deliver safer, more personalised care for all women and every baby, improve outcomes and reduce inequalities. The closing date for applications is 19 September 2016.

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IAPT report

27 July 2016

The Health and Social Care Information Centre has released monthly and quarterly data on the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme. The data covers April 2016 and the last quarter of the year 2015/16.

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Discharging older people from acute hospitals

26 July 2016

A parliamentary report challenges the government to address the scale and cost of delays in discharging older patients from hospital. It highlights the need for urgent measures to tackle discharge delays, which are bad for patients' health and the financial health of the NHS and local government. The report finds there is a poor understanding of the scale of discharge problems, with official data substantially underestimating delays and the number of patients affected.

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