Helen Northall
Chief Executive
Helen started her career as a biomedical scientist and went on to work in hospital management, commissioning for a health authority and primary care development in a PCT. More….

David Colin-Thomé
GP from 1971 at Castlefields Health Centre Runcorn, retiring in March 2007. Formerly visiting professor of the Centre for Public Policy & Health, School of Health, Durham University. More….

Barbara Dingley
Director of operations
Barbara leads the PCC team in supporting commissioning organisations and providers. More….

Social value

Primary Care Commissioning Community Interest Company (PCC) is an independent, not-for-profit social enterprise. We support the development of individuals and teams and promote of good practice in the planning and delivery of healthcare. We help our clients fill gaps in knowledge, skill and capacity enabling them to commission and provide services that are effective for patients and provide value for money to taxpayers. We aim to transfer capability to our clients through our work.

Our events, websites and publications play an important role in supporting the dissemination of information that NHS and other public sector bodies need to develop their organisations, improve their working practices and deliver efficient and effective services to patients. We share and promote learning gained via our work and embed capability into the organisations we work with where practicable.

We provide NHS Networks, a website and networking function, free of charge for use by health and social care organisations and individuals. This includes:

• Space to share examples, links and articles that may help others
• Sharing platform for practice across health and social care to reduce wheel reinvention
• Saving time – allowing sharing at national and local level
• Supports those across the NHS and social care to communicate and share documents securely in whatever grouping they wish to use through discussion forums
• Provides a space for health and care organisations to support their own work programmes through virtual networking
• Allows us to receive opinions and thoughts from our members on NHS related subjects/important NHS news using polls
• One to one support for network administrators can be provided – demonstrating the features of the website – offering top tips for developing their network

NHS Networks provides valuable resources for free including daily news alerts, the latest news and policy information for health and social care for 41,500 subscribers. The weekly newsletter is sent to 88,077 subscribers. Subscribers have the option to submit their own blogs/content/examples of practice for publication in the newsletter.

We have:

  • 2,346 networks registered
  • 211 new networks created (2019/20)
  • 143,163 members

PCC produces a range of newsletters to spread learning / good practice from across the sector and these include:

PCN News – PCN News is our weekly bulletin for general practice teams involved in the development of primary care networks (PCN). Published on a Thursday, it includes the latest policy news, tips and helpful resources.

PCC News – Our weekly newsletter for contracting and commissioning teams covering policy news, latest tools and resources, strategy and operational issues and anything else of interest to health and care commissioners.

PCC Insight – Bimonthly longer read including case studies, opinion and news analysis on primary care and wider system issues. We also produce a Wales version of PCC Insight.

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