• Why Welsh practices hope to stop seeing diabetics

    11 February 2019

    Generic healthy eating campaigns run through the dark days straight after Christmas doubtless have some benefit – but mostly on those inclined to think about their health regardless. 

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  • Acute and community services work together to avoid complications

    11 February 2019

    Dental and oncology consultant teams in parts of south Wales have worked together to prevent patients with head and neck cancers developing a complication of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

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  • Bay area takes a balanced approach to health and social isolation

    8 February 2019

    It’s not just the practitioners of holistic and complementary therapies that recognise the value of balance in health.

    With high levels of social isolation, the Bay health cluster of eight practices in south Wales is embracing the Balanced Lives programme developed by national charity Action for Elders. It aims to improve the physical, mental and social wellbeing of people over 65 through weekly sessions.

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  • Top tips for growing a thriving primary care network

    31 January 2019

    The NHS’s 10-year plan may be billed as long term, but policy makers expect general practices to leap into action to form primary care networks (PCNs). According to the NHS Long Term Plan, practices have until July to get into groups.

    Ultimately GPs might well welcome the voice that the networks will give general practice and the status they gain as the building blocks for integrated care systems. Those systems, after all, appear set to be the geographical footprint for key decision making in the near future.

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  • Patients avoid 7,500 nights in hospital with tailored home help scheme

    16 January 2019

    An NHS programme in Somerset has helped patients avoid 7,500 nights in hospital and freed up at least £2m for other services.

    Somerset’s pioneering Homefirst scheme offers patients who are healthy enough tailored help to finish therapy at home, with personalised care reducing stays in hospital by up to ten days.

    Homefirst is delivered by specialist teams of staff who have been given additional training in a range of care techniques, so they can do more with patients once they are home, to help them regain independence faster.

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