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Worcester away day

PCC’s Polly Goodwin recently worked with Worcester Acute Hospitals NHS Trust before lockdown to run a creative and fun team building activity for over 100 staff. The day was intended to encourage finance and supply chain staff to work differently.

Polly Goodwin
Adviser, PCC

The activity, which had staff working in groups of 10 to 12, encouraged people to think outside the box and to communicate and work with people from outside their immediate work colleagues. The post activity follow up discussion focussed on identifying how the teams had worked with people they didn’t know, the challenges of planning for and carrying out the task, how people felt during the activity and asked them to think about how to apply the insights from the activity into the day to day work.

People found the activity engaging, interesting and thought provoking. Senior staff reported that the activity had hit the spot and how pleased they were with how everyone was encouraged to engage and with the outcomes from the workshop.

Polly connected with our team immediately and appreciated the various differing roles across our Directorate Team. The session worked really well as an icebreaker. Our team’s feedback was that it was ‘good fun’ and that ‘relevant lessons were learnt’. The quality of the presentational content was good. Polly walked the floor and facilitated our large group extremely well encouraging everyone to be involved. It was fabulous to see all of our staff participating in the session in a positive way. We had a fabulous day and would definitely recommend to other organisations – and we also look forward to welcoming you back to Worcester again soon (albeit when it is safe to do so – or perhaps a virtual encounter….)”
Jo Kirwan – Assistant Director of Finance

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