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Annual contracts offer

Many CCGs and local offices across the country take advantage of the support we deliver through our annual contracts. We offer two types of annual contract, a subscription offer which contains set elements for use during the period of the contract, and a credits option which gives our clients flexibility to decide what support they want delivered.

Our subscription contracts contain a set number of national events from our extensive events programme. We are continually adding new events to our programme, which contains our flagship Confident leader and commissioning/contracts events. We offer a range of events for general practice and we encourage CCGs to allow their practices to access our support through their contract. Our personal and team development sessions are suitable for wider public sector including health and care  customers and our leadership programmes are growing and receiving excellent feedback. All our events are currently being delivered virtually via Zoom or MS Teams.

We also have a full range of commissioning and personal and team development workshops available for our subscribers. Last year we added a comprehensive medical contracting workshop to our offer and it is our intention to add new workshops on a regular basis during 2021.

We review feedback from events and local workshop evaluations which helps us to improve the sessions as well as respond to requests for different types of training and support.

Our commissioning subscribers benefit from access to our quality assured helpdesk that is managed by our adviser team. We aim to respond to queries within three working days but in most case responses are provided much quicker.  We do not limit the number of queries our clients can ask and we often receive excellent feedback about the usefulness of our advice. A head of primary care quality and improvement in a CCG had the following comment to make about our support “We have used the help desk more of late, especially contracting colleagues. The quality of the responses have been very useful and as such has given us greater confidence in continuing to subscribe to PCC for this type of support, so thank you.”

During lockdown 1.0 we introduced dental, eye care, medical, premises and PCN surgery sessions which are again managed by our expert adviser team. These have proved to be very popular and allow our clients to bring their queries to our experts in a safe environment, as well as listen to what’s happening elsewhere across the country and share ideas/processes.

We are thrilled to be able to offer a new e-learning opportunity for our annual contract holders; that allows individuals to access e-learning through our new provider. The new courses available are:

  • Customer service
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Change management
  • Communication/presentation skills
  • Project management.

For each area, the playlists contain up to eight courses which range from 5–10 minutes courses to some that run over 1–3 hours. This means that individuals can tailor their learning to the time you have available. We will be including new playlists each quarter, in response to our clients’ requests.

We are never complacent with our offer to clients. We recently carried out our annual survey with annual contract holders and we asked the question “how likely is it that you would recommend PCC to a friend or colleague?” was 67. This is the best NPS score we have achieved to date.

The table below shows how much our clients’ rate our services, with 5 being most valued:

We also asked ‘What does PCC do well?’ and these were some of the responses.

Recently a CCG client gave this feedback ”Please can I thank both you and the team at PCC for the help and guidance given in helping us to utilise our contract allocation for 2019/20, especially at the latter end of the contract and in such a short timeframe, and all the while ensuring we got value for money and for the support provided by your facilitators and tutors during the planning of and the running of our recent bespoke webinars, which made the process for us less demanding and saved us a lot of time.” And, from another client “PCC provides a range of training and support opportunities that are very relevant to CCG staff working in primary care commissioning. We value our subscription and the opportunities for staff learning and development provided by PCC.”

Why not take advantage of our support, our annual contract packages can save you money compared to purchasing our services on a one off basis and we have packages to suit all health and care organisations. To arrange a call with one of our team please email